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NYC Mandarin Chinese Classes for Teenagers

Beautiful Mandarin 2018 Summer Class

  • Professional Chinese Mandarin class for teenagers

  • In addition to daily classes, we will have language games and cultural activities. We will also have trips to museums and parks where we will use the material learned from class during these activities.

  • We are conveniently located in 2 places, one is in midtown Manhattan, by 37th and 5th ave. (nearby Bryant Park), another in Queens Plaza, close to any train in Queens, especially the 7 train, when you get off at the Queens Boro Plaza, our office is right there. 

  • Nice space, small groups of around 5


  • 青少年汉语课程,专业老师任教

  • 寓教于乐,每次语言课时结束后会进行各种语言游戏、中国传统文化活动,也会参观博物馆,在公园野餐等等。让学生在活动中运用所学语言。

  • 交通方便,两处校址,环境优越, 一个在曼哈顿,中城,第五大道,布莱恩公园附近;另一个在Queens Plaza,离任何Queens的地铁都很近,尤其是7号车,Queens Boro Plaza站下来就是

  • 小班授课,每个班五人左右,现在开始报名!

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Note: You'll have more flexible appointment times when you sign up for a Manhattan visit than if you sign up for the other locations. Visiting a specific location doesn't automatically mean you have to take your classes at the location you visited. You can still choose where you want to take your class after the visit. Each of the locations has similar layouts to each other.


Midtown Manhattan

404 5th ave. New York, NY10018

Queens LIC 

2701, Queens Plaza N, Long Island City, NY 11101

Contact number: 347 395 6078

Email: syan@beautifulmandarin.com

Please visit after scheduling

81 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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