Nǐ hǎo! If you are planning to take the HSK(Hanyu shuiping kaoshi) test(s), you are at the right place! We offer HSK courses that are designed with the scope of “learning Chinese through testing.” Coming to our classes, you will not only benefit as a test-taker but a Mandarin learner. We put your testing needs at the center but at the same time offer you more. First, we make sure that you become familiar with the test structure and test-taking skills. Then we enrich your Chinese learning experience by guiding you through vocabulary, sentence, and grammar practices that will enhance your test-taking ability. Our HSK classes hold high standards regarding choosing class materials and designing class instruction. Don’t miss out on this great test-prepping and learning opportunity!

  • Package includes 20 hours group class
  • Start from 3 people, Maximum 15 students
  • Student can join the class In-person or Online

HSK Preparation

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