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Empowering learners of all ages with innovative and affordable Mandarin classes in New York and online

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The best Chinese School in NYC

The unlimited package let you

go as fast as you can!

BM Learning Club makes your Chinese learning fun

Plus BM Interactive eBook

For adults students

High-Quality & Fun Chinese Class for Adult and Kid


Top Reviewed Mandarin Chinese Course NYC
Located in Midtown Manhattan
During the Covid-19 period, we continue to serve our students by offering live online classes or send the tutor to the student

Effective   Interactive   Fun Chinese Class

Join us, so you are not alone anymore! 

We will support each other during the whole Chinese learning journey

Why Join Beautiful Mandarin?

High Quality and Fun Mandarin Chinese Class

Self-Learning Tool helps You Learn at Your Own Pace

Highly Trained Team of Teachers

Enroll in a Package or Buy a Single class

Organized Mandarin Chinese Course

Systematic BM curriculum

Customer Service

Huge Range of Levels Offered: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced

Group class, Private Tutor, and Combination Package for Adults, Teenagers, and Young kids

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