NYC Mandarin Chinese Language Classes

Beautiful Mandarin provides various types of Mandarin classes: group classes, one-on-one, and a pronunciation class. We also have activities that make learning Chinese fun and relaxing and give you an opportunity to meet other students. Most of the above photos were taken from our class activities.


About our Teachers
  • We are well trained with many years of teaching experience, in high schools, universities and language institutes.

  • We speak standard Chinese Mandarin. You will be learning the best pronunciation!

  • We have majored in language and/or education.


About the Founder

My name is Sissi. I'm an experienced, professional Chinese language teacher. When I was in Bejing I taught in Beijing International Chinese college. Later, I moved to New York where I taught in a high school. One of my students won the second prize in the Chinese Bridge competition in 2012, and many other students are fluent in this language as well. I have been working as a Chinese language teacher for more than 8 years. 


I majored in Broadcasting and graduated from China Communication University. My Mandarin is certified to be of the highest level based on a formal test in China. I am good at figuring out different student learning styles and adjusting my approach as necessary. I prepare diligently and take every lesson very seriously.


Work Experience
  • DRS Yeshiva high school for boys (2011-2016)

    • Mandarin teacher, Grades 10, 11 and 12

  • Beijing International Chinese College (2009-2011)

    • Mandarin teacher

Teaching style
  • Good at pronunciation and grammar

  • Humorous and relaxing

  • Flexible

  • Communication University of China

  • Bachelor degree in Broadcasting

Midtown Manhattan

404 5th ave. New York, NY10018

Queens LIC 

2701, Queens Plaza N, Long Island City, NY 11101

81 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact number: 347 395 6078


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