Kids Gamify Chinese - Spring Semester

In-person Chinese Mandarin classes in Midtown NYC, Astoria Queens, Cliffside Park NJ

​All the games are specially designed for kids to learn Mandarin Chinese naturally, easier, and systematically.

For ages 5-12

  • Small group Chinese class

  • 40 minutes each, 3 sessions each time

  • Experienced teacher

  • Chinese Speaking, listening, reading, and writing capabilities are improved at the same time

  • Efficient Mandarin Chinese learning and highly engaged class

  • Beautiful Mandarin Learning Packet including My Mandarin busy book and workbooks specially designed by Beautiful Mandarin 

Gamify Online Chinese Class

Age 2.5-4 Y; 5-12 Y

Our parents know Beautiful Mandarin makes learning fun! The kids enjoy learning Mandarin Chinese through games, cultural activities, and songs. The carefully designed curriculums and worksheets are based on ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.


Online ongoing class:

  • Simplify Mandarin Chinese

  • Small group with a maximum of 6 students

  • Speaking, listening, reading, and writing

  • Levels from beginner to intermediate

  • The package starts from $350

Online Gamify Mandarin Summer program

Age 5-12 Y

Improve kids' Mandarin Chinese learning Interest and Boost their language level

  • Starting on 6/27, and ends on 7/21

  • Monday through Thursday one class each day via Zoom

  • Language games, cultural activities, crafting, singing...

  • $480, Register before 5/27 to get a special discount

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