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intensive one-on-one program







除此以外,这个项目还有更多亮点:1. 我们有讲中文的英语老师,也有英文为母语的英语老师可供您选择。我们会根据您的需求和学习进展为您配比这两类英文老师的课程,比如您如果没有任何英文基础我们可以按需求为您安排一个中文为母语的老师来首先教授您的英文课,这样,这个老师会更清楚的解释您的问题,让您能以放松心态学习,并为未来学习打下良好基础。 当您觉得准备好接受外教的时候我们会渐渐为您增加更多外教老师的课程。2. 您经常会有机会跟我们现在英文为母语的学习中文的学生进行互动和语言交换。也可以来参加我们举办的各种派对,结交本地朋友,为您的学习增加很多乐趣。

This full-time learning program is 6 hours per day and 30 hours every week. Our classes include Listening and Speaking class, Reading and Writing class, Culture class, and Specific interest class.


We make sure our curriculum helps the student learn and develop the four language skills in various settings, including classroom and social settings. In our culture class, we not only learn about American cultures in class but also take students outside to experience the "on-site" learning.


Progress tracking - before you start, we will give you an initial assessment and set study goals that she would like to accomplish. During your study, we will keep track of her progress using assessment plans for English learning students to ensure that you are improving and working toward her own study goals.


A few highlights about our program that you would experience nowhere else are:

At the beginning level, you will have both English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking teachers to teach her English. In this way, you are immersed in an English environment and is also given the support you will need as a second-language learner. With our Mandarin-speaking teachers, you will be able to talk about your struggles, study problems, and interests, etc. Based on your situation, we will tailor our teaching to provide the most effective scaffolding. The instruction ratio of English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking teacher will start from 50:50 and gradually change to 90:10 or fully English-speaking teacher based on her need.

You will have the opportunities to interact with our current native English-speaking students. This has been evidenced to be a very effective way for students to develop their target language skills. You are welcomed to get involved in or just have fun at any of our school events where you can improve your English communication skills in authentic settings.

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