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What are the problems that BM Interactive eBook will fix during your Chinese learning?

1. Not enough time to use or speak Chinese during the clas


The Class time is limited, so if the teacher explains everything during the class, that will leave you with less time to use what you’ve learned and force you to spend more time listening passively. 

Actually, if you can study ahead, then when you attend your Chinese class you can use the language directly with the teacher’s guidance and find out which problems you need to focus on, so you will have more opportunities to practice with the new words and grammar.


However, it’s hard to figure out the pronunciations and meaning of the text/dialogue by the students themself. But with BM Interactive eBook, you can watch the videos in the eBook following the text. Sissi explains everything you need to know in that lesson, like the meaning of every sentence, the important Chinese grammar you need to know, even the Chinese idioms!

Previewing the Chinese class with the BM interactive eBook is easy and fun. You can hear the audio for every single new character, new words, and whole text. You can follow the audio to read aloud or play them as many times as you need until you are familiar with the sound enough.

It's like you have Sissi as your private tutor! 

Do everything above, your Chinese speaking, listening, and reading skills will be improved efficiently! 


2. Easily forget or can’t remember what I have learned

Chinese pronunciation is hard. Even though you have listened and remembered very well during your class, after the class you may still forget the pronunciation or the grammar your teacher just told you,  whoever you are, the kids or adults.


With BM Interactive eBook, you can come back any time to click the button and listen to the pronunciation or watch the video to see how Sissi explained that grammar. 


Do you know why you can’t remember the pronunciation of that word or you can't understand when people speak Chinese even with the words you have learned?


Because you don’t have enough chances to hear that, which means you need enough repetitions when you learn any languages, not only learning Chinese.


So click the “play” button to listen as many times as you can until you can reflect the meaning as soon as Sissi says it in the audio or video!


3. The class is fast, and I feel stressed to follow

The students come from different backgrounds, so sometimes students feel lost in the class, especially if they missed some classes. If you have the BM interactive eBook you can study Chinese by yourself. You can listen to the audio and you will know the right pronunciation, you watch the videos shot by Sissi in the eBook you will know how to use the grammar in this lesson, and you will know what’s the meaning of every sentence. After you are done with all of these you can even do the exercise and submit it, and you will get feedback from BM teachers, so you will know how good you did with this lesson.


It’s just like you have Sissi as your private Chinese tutor since Sissi made every part of this eBook. 

Do everything above and you will be so ready for your next Mandarin Chinese class. You can answer the teacher’s questions in Chinese confidently.


How good that feeling is! 


4. I don’t know my kids learning progress in the mandarin class

As parents, you paid for the Mandarin Chinese class but you are not the person who is in the class, so you want to know how your kids doing, of course! 


You can track their learning progress by the exercise report sent from our teachers after your kids submitted the exercise, so you know the result of the money that you invested in your kids’ Chinese class. 

You can also use this tool to help your kids practice Chinese outside of the class, or even learn with them together since you have audio and videos to help you!