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NYC Mandarin Chinese Classes for Adults

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Best Value and Result!

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Immerse Yourself in Chinese

Choose the right Chinese school which can offer you an affordable and high-quality class, this will be your first step to becoming fluent faster. 2 hours a week you can learn many in our high-quality mandarin class but will take you many years to be fluent. However, our Unlimited Group Chinese class could make you fluent in around 2 years, and it allows you to come to school multiple times a week with only $45 per week. 


You will get plenty of opportunities to build high-quality connections when you enroll in this package. If you can regularly attend two or more times per week -- and the results add up fast. This pace boosts your memory and recall, letting you immerse yourself in Mandarin. This is also the key to why Beautiful Mandarin students go faster than the students in other Chinese Schools.

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