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Mandarin Chinese for Children

Learn Chinese the fun way: Singing, Arts, Crafts, & Games

Effective Chinese courses for children!

During the coronavirus period,  all of our classes are online live classes. Your kids learn mandarin based on stories and games. 

Our kids Mandarin is specifically designed for children to develop their interest in learning the language.


Based on our many years of teaching experience, we've found that some children do not like to learn Chinese for a variety of reasons, such as feeling as if it is forced by their parents or finding the language too difficult or boring. We have designed our courses to avoid these issues by creating an interactive and fun class. All the activities designed cooperates the edge-cutting educational concept.


We have designed all our courses to stimulate and promote children's educational growth and discipline. Our classes mainly consist of singing, arts and crafts and, language games, activities that your kids will love. Your child will realize the patterns and rules of this language on their own and pick up Chinese in an organic way, while at the same time developing a strong interest and passion for the language.


Please Book a visit on the bottom of this page or contact us by 


Phone:646 387 9930




我们所有的课程设计都结合了最前沿的教育理念,紧跟少儿的成长及学习规律。歌唱,手工和各种有目的的语言游戏将是我们课堂的主要内容。如果您想了解具体的课程内容和形式请在页面最下方 book a vist。




电话:646 387 9930


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