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Everything You Need to Know to Learn the Chinese Language Fast

Are you wondering how to learn Chinese faster? Let us guide you to get closer to fluency in Mandarin in a fraction of the time.

Are you wondering how to learn Chinese faster? Let us guide you to get closer to fluency in Mandarin in a fraction of the time.

Right now, Mandarin Chinese is one of the most useful and growing languages in the world. There are great reasons for you to learn Chinese so that you can enhance both your business and personal life.

If you really want to get efficient about it, you'll need to figure out how to learn Chinese faster.

We've got you covered in that regard.

Follow these tips below so that you can maximize your learning and become fluent in Chinese as quickly as possible.

1. Wrap Your Mind Around the General Differences Between Languages

Learning some languages are easier than others, typically because of their similarities to our native tongue.

For instance, if you are an English speaker, it is not that difficult to make the switch and learn Spanish.

However, if you are an English speaker trying to learn Chinese, you can't expect many of the foundational similarities existing between the languages.

To this end, clear your mind of any preconceptions you have about the foundations of language.

The language of Chinese is set up with entirely different assumptions and agreements, so don't expect exact literal translations. Languages come about as the result of civilizations evolving so you will need to learn Chinese with a fresh mind, rather than trying to ladder these concepts with how you understand your native language.

From the above, you may think this language will be too difficult to learn. However, in Beautiful Mandarin, we have so many examples of students that start from the beginning, and after 1 year, they can participate in conversations, and many of them event are fluent after 2 or 3 years after only learning with Beautiful Mandarin in NYC, and not living abroad.

So our suggestion is just to enjoy the whole process of learning -- don’t focus on how hard it is.

The learning will be easier when you follow these tips.

2. Immerse Yourself in Chinese Around the Clock

If you are going to become a Chinese speaker, you need to be sure that you always have the Chinese language in front of your eyes, in your ears, in your mind.

This means embracing plenty of media and creating synaptic pathways in your brain.

The process of learning a language simply means creating enough mental connections until you understand it.

You will get plenty of opportunities to build high-quality connections when you take the Chinese courses. If you can attend two or more times per week the results add up fast.This pace boosts your memory and recall.

Beautiful Mandarin's Unlimited Group Class allow you to immerse yourself in Mandarin.

In fact, Beautiful Mandarin students on this schedule could gain fluency in around 2 years. Taking our affordable Unlimited Group Chinese Class package is the key to help our students achieve this goal.

3. Take on the Culture and Not Just the Language

Have you ever had a class that was so difficult and painful to pass, yet another class seemed to be a welcome break from the day that is fun and immersive?

The same applies when learning a language.

Many people have resistance and difficulty in learning a language, not because it is inherently difficult, but because they simply can't find what makes it interesting.

To really garner enthusiasm for learning a language, make sure you are learning the culture as a whole.

The more that you learn about the civilization, the more you will appreciate the culture. Learning from this place of appreciation is so much easier and will bring about fluency faster.

Taking this approach also helps you to learn the language more fully and deeply.

For instance, when you take on the culture as a whole, you will also learn about things like politeness and manners, turns of phrase and slang. This will enhance your ability to speak like a native speaker, rather than a robot who learned some sentences from a textbook.

4. Find a Good School Not Only a Tutor

The beauty of taking classes with a good school is that the school has qualified teachers. This means that you'll take several courses under the tutelage of instructors that are equally qualified and helpful.

In Beautiful Mandarin, most of our teachers have their Masters or PH.D. in teaching Chinese as a second language or other Language-based studies.

However, the education degree is only one aspect of screening our teachers.

They also have to speak standard mandarin with good pronunciation and be passionate and creative. At the same time, we assess their classes regularly and train the teachers every one or two months based on the assessments collected from our students and cutting-edge teaching methods.

We also recommend not always following with one tutor. Different teachers have different styles, so this variety is incredibly helpful to your learning.

Beautiful Mandarin has lots of innovations. We rotate our instructors in different classes but also make sure they connect well, so the students can enjoy the advantages of different teachers and experience their language habits.

Another benefit of taking the classes in a school is that you'll get to spend lots of quality time with other classmates interested in learning. Not only will you learn together, but you'll also hang out together and party together, building a bond that lasts a lifetime.

This also makes it so that the learning is never boring, and that you are engaged every day.

5. Try to Find the Opportunity to Use This Language

Language is a skill but not only a piece of knowledge, so when you want to be skilled you have to use it. For most students who don't have many opportunities to use it, joining the school's activities will be a good idea.

Since all the students are learning, you won't feel embarrassed. When you practice using this language don’t care too much about the mistakes -- focus on what you want to express.

This is also why people speak the language better when quarreling because we have no time to think about correct or incorrect language use when expressing our feelings.

You will corrected in the class so you can speak more freely outside of it.

6. Find Some Great Media to Enjoy so That it Isn't a Chore

It isn't enough for you to simply take in lots of Chinese media -- make sure that you take in some media that you actually enjoy.

When you find some great music, literature, movies, and TV to watch, nobody will have to twist your arm to get the practice in. Instead, you will happily learn, because the more you understand, the more you will be able to enjoy the media.

China happens to be one of the biggest media producers in the world, so it's not hard to find high-quality content across the board.

7. Use Flashcards on a Regular Basis

Using flashcards is one of the best ways to learn and retain any sort of information.

Yes, the same way you studied for tests in grade school can still help you to learn languages as an adult.

However, you should evolve this process and instead use an app that lets you create lots of digital flashcards that you cycle between.

These apps have feedback systems that let you grade the study session based on how well you knew the answers to each card.

The software will cycle between the cards based on your understanding, helping you to get more work on the cards that you have the most difficulty with.

Use These Tips on How to Learn Chinese Faster

Let these tips guide you when you want to figure out how to learn Chinese faster. This is helpful whether you want to learn Chinese for business or personal reasons.

Reach out to us to learn more about the Mandarin courses that we offer.

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